ScanJet Bio 25

Self-Washing Hygienic Tank Cleaning System

ScanJet Bio 25 Self-washing Tank System

The Scanjet Bio 25 from AaquaTools is an advanced tank cleaning machine. It was specially developed for any application where a self-washing, low fluid consumption, hygienic design is required. It is mainly used in the food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, and transportation industries.

The Bio 25 rotating jet-head is a hygienic tank cleaning unit that provides 360° cleaning coverage within a given tank or process vessel. Its design and cleaning power are superior to any other rotating jet-head in its class. The Bio 25 is self-powered by the flow of the fluid through the inlet cone of the device itself. An increase in pressure and flow will correspondingly increase the length of the jet, as well as the impact upon the tank or vessel surfaces. The Bio 25 employs an exclusive, self-washing feature. This allows it to be completely coated with material and has been certified in rinse validation protocols such a “riboflavin rinse validation” and “yogurt washing trials”.

Spray Coverage0-69’ radius
Cleaning Cycle11.5-15.5 min
Pressure0-175 psig
Flow Rate0-220 gpm
Insertion Opening7.87”
Inlet Connection1.50” NPT(F)
MaterialStainless Steel
  • Process vessels and reactors
  • Storage tanks
  • Transportation Tanks
  • Fermenters
  • Yeast propagation
  • Road and rail tankers
  • Large uni-tanks
  • Soup process vessels
  • Brite beer tanks