AaquaTools portable Deionization Cart “Model DI90CT” is perfect for small dealerships and private owners. The “DI90CT” make fast work of virtually all cleaning applications where water-spotting is an issue. Imagine totally eliminating the drying process when washing your automobile, aircraft, boat, or even windows. Spot-free. By eliminating “dissolved solids” or “hardness” from your water, you no longer have to deal with spotting when incorporating deionized water into your wash process.

ICS’s “DI90CT” features a heavy-duty stainless steel cart with oversized semi-pneumatic locking casters for easy mobility wherever your cleaning application may be. An ever reliable 9 Honda OHV engine, with oil alert, is the driver for the high-pressure system. A General Triplex Plunger Pump delivers the water at up to 2500 psi at nearly 4.0 gpm. A swivel based trigger gun and wand, makes your cleaning process fast, easy, and spot free.