ToteBlaster LT, IBC and Tote Cleaning System

ToteBlaster LT, IBC and Tote Cleaning SystemPortable IBC & Tote Cleaning System

The AaquaTools ToteBlaster LT, IBC and Tote Cleaning System is designed to wash and rinse the interior of totes and containers. Perform (in-house) intermediate bulk container (IBC) cleaning in less than half the time, with the ToteBlaster LT Station. This high impact cleaning technology ensures the entire tote interior is thoroughly cleaned in the most efficient manner, utilizing the least amount of resources, including time, labor, energy, cleaning chemicals and water.

Simplicity in design and affordability, coupled with the most durable and effective technology, makes this the ideal IBC/tote cleaning system for any industrial or sanitary application. The system comes equipped with everything needed to setup an IBC/tote cleaning station; just add your pressure washer, 4 gpm or greater (greater is preferred). The AaquaTool ToteBlaster LT can achieve extremely high labor productivity per man hour through automation and using the latest technology in water-based cleaning solvents. Thus, man-hour resources can be more efficiently utilized.

 Class  Rotating jet-head
 Power  Pressure washer-driven
 Flow Rate  4-5.5 gpm
 Temperature  Cold or hot up to 185°F (max)
 Pressure  100-2000 psi (adjustable); 2300 psi (permissible)
 Nozzles  Barrels 4 x 1/8” NPT, tanks 2 x 1/8” NPT
 Spray Coverage  Four nozzle 6’, two nozzle 10’
 Cleaning Cycle  45 seconds and longer
 Spray Pattern  360°
 Inlet Connection  Standard ½” NPT
 Insertion Opening  2” (max)
 Lubricant  Self-lubricating
 Installation  Portable
 Material  316 Stainless Steel
 Weight  8 lbs
 Warranty  One year limited warranty
All processing industries

Plastic or stainless steel:

  • Totes
  • IBCs
  • Shipping containers
  • Bulk containers