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The Cube

Compact Tankless Hot Water Generator

and High Pressure Washer

CartBlaster II Container Cleaning System

CartBlaster II

Fast, Hands-free Container Cleaning System

Efficient. Robust. Reliable. Safe. Affordable.


Automatic & Semi-Automatic

Double Barrel High Impingement Washer

ScanJet SC15 Tank Cleaning System

ScanJet SC15TW2

Automated Tank Cleaning System

Highly Corrosion Resistant.

AaquaSteam Portable Steam Generator


Portable High Pressure Steam Generation

Compact. Reliable. Effective. Environmentally-friendly.

AaquaBlaster LT Portable Barrel and Tank Rotating Jet-head

AaquaBlaster LT

Portable Barrel & Tank Cleaning System

Save time, water and money with fast and easy impingement cleaning.

Poseidon Hot & Cold Pressure Washer

Poseidon 7-67

Cold & Hot High Pressure Washer

Mobile, Ergonomic & Robust Cleaning Equipment.

HotCart Adjustable Hot Pressure Washer


Compact Tankless Hot High Pressure Washer

Unlimited, Efficient & Portable Hot Water Anywhere.

industrial and solid waste

CartBlaster TipToo

Efficient Container Cleaning System

Robust. Reliable. Safe. Affordable.

High Impact Washing Represents over 60% of your Cleaning Process

Make AaquaTools products a vital part of your sanitation, sterilization, and maintenance program.

Wine & Food Processing

AaquaTools has quickly grown over the years to be the wine and food processing industries’ largest single supplier of high impingement cleaning equipment.

The majority of our devices are water-driven with low flow yet high pressure. This creates high impingement cleaning that actually saves water.

Industrial & Solid Waste

We’re also the leading designer and manufacturer of high pressure, water-driven cleaning and maintenance equipment for industrial and solid waste applications.

Our easy to use, low flow, high pressure equipment will do the job quickly and efficiently saving you time and labor costs.

Auto & Transportation

Our compact and portable hot water/high pressure washer solutions can provide “on-demand” cold or hot water anywhere.

…and imagine never having to towel dry a wet surface again to prevent water spots. That’s the result when you use AaquaTools spot-free rinse equipment in your dealership, hangar, or home garage.


Repairs will no longer be performed at our Rancho Cordova facility. All cleaning head repairs need to be shipped to the address below.

33840 SE Eastgate Cir. 
Corvallis, OR 97333

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