Since 1991 AaquaTools has been a manufacturer and distributor of high quality, high impingement, water-driven products, and solutions. Our products include high pressure washers, rotatory jet-heads, steam generators, and flat surface cleaners.

The majority of our devices are water-driven at high pressure with low flow which creates high impingement cleaning. This not only saves time and labor but saves water as well. For over 20 years we have featured the Nilfisk/KEW line of high-pressure washers. Primarily because of their ability to produce flow high enough to drive our tools. Also, for their unparalleled track record of performance and reliability.

AaquaTools has grown over the years to be the wine and food industry’s largest single supplier of water-driven high impingement cleaning solutions. These include wine barrel washing, bin cleaning, and steam sanitation systems. We also serve the transportation, industrial, and solid waste industries and portable restroom cleaning systems. AaquaTools stands ready to work with any industry that could benefit from our over 30 years of expertise. Our success is mainly due to our commitment to never compromise on quality, performance, and service. At AaquaTools, we continue our mission to develop and provide the best water-driven tools and solutions to fill all your cleaning and sanitation needs.

…this is the place, look no further.

I made the switch from Gamajet to the Aaquatool tote blaster cause the the repairs and maintenance and overall durability of the Gamajet wasn’t working for us that thing would be down for repairs multiple times per year, Well that’s not what you are getting here with Aaquatool this thing has been in use for the last 3 years in what I believe to be unfavorable conditions and environment and it has worked flawless… Steve and Linda are top shelf people that are there to answer any questions and get you set up with exactly what you need the first time. So if quality is what you are looking for in a tote cleaning tool and quality people to do business with then this is the place look no further… Thank you!

Robert Busch - Plant Manager
G.S. Long Co.

HotCart …made my life so much easier

I love your “HotCart”, and it has made my life so much easier. From barrel cleaning, to general cleanup around the tasting room and processing center. The team at AaquaTools has been great at answering my questions on service and operations. Love it and don’t know how I operated without it. Thank you for such a great product.

Steven Gaiser- Owner and Winemaker
Distant Cellars, Fiddletown, Ca.

…we couldn’t be happier.

We used many competitor products for years at our winery, and since we’ve started using and incorporating AaquaTools products we couldn’t be happier. The products which we have many now, work as they are stated to work and do so reliably for us. We’re not gentle on equipment at the winery and find that they are built with than in mind. We also find that when we do have issues or repairs the response time is great and the equipment gets back up and running quickly. We’re extremely happy with using AaquaTools as a supplier.

Bruce Devlin
Ballentine Vineyards, St Helena, CA

Indispensable tools for wineries.

We have been customers of AaquaTools for over 10 years. The HotCart that we own, our second, is an indispensable tool for our small winery, giving us continuous hot water for cleaning and sanitizing equipment, tanks, barrels and floors. It is used daily along with a barrel blaster, we own two, one for tanks and one for barrels. When needed we have received responsive advice and service.

Terry Brandborg
Brandborg Vineyard & Winery, Elkton, Oregon

…an easy decision to make.

Iris Vineyards, Eugene, Oregon

We have been working with AaquaTools since 2008. We are a small winery and therefore a low dollar client. Nonetheless, we have consistently received high dollar service and sales attention from this company. In 2008 we purchased a new Poseidon hot pressure washer which we used to hot pressure wash our barrels, floors and tanks for the last 12 seasons. This machine finally suffered serious mechanical failure after that time which probably amounted to <12000 barrel washing cycles or 1000 hours of service under load. Buying a new Poseidon to replace our old machine was an easy decision to make. AaquaTools shipped the machine quickly and provided excellent technical support after the purchase.

Aaron Lieberman
Iris Vineyards, Eugene, Oregon

I highly recommend this steamer

De Loach Vineyards

The 30 kW steamer that we use from Aaquatools is an awesome machine. I have researched/used various steamers and been told by other suppliers you cannot reach 200+ degrees using two steaming wands (for wine barrels). This is not the case with the 30 kW Reimers Steamer provided by Aaquatools. Moving to a new company in which I inherited this steamer, I rented wands that read temperature within the barrel to test the machine. It easily reached 200+ degrees inside the barrel within 4.5-5 minutes. The prior product I used could not do so using even a single wand. I highly recommend this steamer for wineries looking to steam barrels both efficiently and correctly.

Lucas Martens
De Loach Vineyards, Santa Rosa, CA

He was very helpful

I wanted to thank Steve for picking up the phone and talking with me and our Mechanic; Mario Balcazar. He was very helpful and we look forward to better service and responses from this company in the future. We care about the health of our seasonal creeks.

Pasatiempo, Inc.
Francine Moody, Office assistant & horticulturist
Paul Chojnacky, Superintendent
Mario Balcazar, Mechanic

The Staff
Pasatiempo, Inc.

Very pleased with our purchase

I’m a site manager for Waste Management and I recently purchased a CartBlaster from AaquaTools, Inc. The CartBlaster has been a God send. We are in the process of cleaning about 2,000 dirty carts for a new town contract that starts January 1, 2007. Without the CartBlaster this task would have been unmanageable to say the least. The CartBlaster has given us the freedom of using a lot less man hours devoted to this project. Our CartBlaster is connected to the least amount of pressure that is required for the operation of this unit, and the CartBlaster still performs at an outstanding level. We are very pleased with our purchase and would recommend this product to anyone wanting to clean carts and save $!

Mark Handerson
Waste Management, Fort Wayne, IN

The best decision we made

We really went back and forth regarding our decision to purchase the AaquaTools Hot Cart. Buying the Hot Cart was the best decision we made. It already has paid for itself in 2 weeks. The combo of power and heat generated has been invaluable in our startup winery. I honestly cannot envision running a winery without one.

Thomas Nye Kohler
Blind Horse Winery

Versatility and simplicity

We have found the Tip-Too Cleaning System to be an effective, simple and fast way of washing our carts. Compared to our previous method of washing by hand with a pressure wand, the system is much cleaner and less labor intensive. The two biggest advantages of the system are the versatility and simplicity of the system. We wash 240L and 360L carts from various manufacturers, and the system is easy to adjust on the fly to fit all of our carts. As the system is simple and modular, replacement parts will be easy to find if there are any issues in the future due to normal wear and tear.

Darryl Drohomerski
City of Winnipeg

We have been very pleased!

We have been very pleased with the CartBlaster. With over 25,000 carts to maintain the CartBlaster is much more efficient and pleasant to use as opposed to washing them with high pressure wand and having debris blow back in the face of the worker.

Bruce Philbrick
Solid Waste Division, Loveland, CO

Just the ticket for our small winery operation!

We’ve been using the AaquaBlaster for a couple of years now and it’s been just the ticket for our small winery operation. It’s fast and easy to hook up to our KEW and delivers enough blasting power out of the four heads to REALLY clean barrels. Not “wash” them but CLEAN them! The flashlight doesn’t lie….I can’t imagine NOT using it as a regular part of our barrel program.

Squire Fridell
GlenLyon Vineyards & Winery, Glen Ellen, CA

Very happy with the performance and reliability

At Chateau Potelle, we have been using Aaquablaster for about 1 year to clean our barrels. We have been very happy with the performance and reliability of the Aaquablaster. It is a sturdy barrel washer and the most important for us is that it does a very good and consistent cleaning of our barrels.

Yannick Rousseau, Associate Winemaker
Chateau Potelle, Napa, CA

HotCart3 has been flawless!

Our HotCart3 has been flawless since we purchased it. I’m especially impressed with the efficiency of the tankless water heater, also how quiet it is when we utilize the hot water generator without the pressure washer. One suggestion; the piping coming down out of the water heater could use a bracket for support. My fear is that while moving the HotCart if the water supply hose were pulled on, it could potentially cause damage up into the tankless water heater itself.

David Baker
Hook and Ladder Winery. Santa Rosa, CA

I no longer have to crawl into tanks

The AaquaBlaster we purchased from AaquaTools works great. We use it on all our barrels, tanks and kegs. I no longer have to crawl into tanks for cleaning. I just hook up the AaquaBlaster to our KEW 5003V and set the temperature to 185° and walk away.

Michael Roser, Winemaker
Cooper Vineyards, Plymouth, CA

I recommend this unit for those who want truly clean barrels.

We have been using the Aaquatool pressure washer with the ICS Blst-N-Vac barrel washer for about a year and a half. The high temperature and pressure water combines with rotating spray jets keeps our barrels tartrate free for more effective cleaning and “sanitizing” with ozone or SO2. The vacuum empties 99% of the liquid from the barrel for easier handling and less mess. We have washer over 2000 barrels and the unit has been mostly maintenance free during this time. The few replacement parts we needed were available within a couple of days. I recommend this unit for those who want truly clean barrels.

Pete Hedges, Winemaker
Hedges Family Estate Winery

Outstanding customer service!

Outstanding customer service. It gives us confidence knowing that we are killing bacteria with our HotCart and AaquaBlaster. Our work environment is cleaner. Clean up is quicker.

Clyde Vaughn, Owner
Stony Ridge Vineyard, Livermore, CA

Aaquatool is the premier device for this application!

I purchased and did my best to destroy an AaquaTools 360 (or prior incarnations) at Abacela Winery in Oregon and again at Agate Ridge Vineyard, also in Oregon. Despite my best efforts those units are still going strong. I have no doubt AaquaTools is the premier device for this application.

B. Kiley Evans, Winemaker
2Hawk Vineyard & Winery