Looking for a great way to own the AaquaTools products you need, at payments you can afford?

How about considering a lease? It’s an easy way to get the equipment you need right away, without tying up too much capital.

Lease options are available on AaquaTools equipment such as pressure washers, steam generators, and ozone carts.

Leasing gives you many of the same benefits of ownership, without the initial startup costs. We work with Lease Consultants Corporation to offer several financing options. We can customize a monthly payment plan that will work within your budget.

Many of the benefits of choosing the option to lease include:

  • Helps your operational cash flow: Save money on your current expenses and increase your income potential. Why wait for a piece of equipment’s return on investment (ROI) on your business? Put our products to work for you sooner, rather than later.
  • Builds your credit: New or fast-growing businesses not only benefit from a smaller initial payout for the equipment they need, but they also establish a new credit resource.
  • Possible tax benefits: You may also benefit by reporting lease payments as monthly expenditures, rather than outright purchase for tax purposes.
  • More than 80% of businesses lease equipment: In addition to the benefits already mentioned, some customers have special situations that may be addressed with creative lease programs.

If an equipment lease program from AaquaTools sounds like a good option for your business, email or call us now for more information!