Drum Cleaning Simplified

Price: $3,706

When attached to a compatible high pressure washer, the AaquaTools DrumBlaster is designed to clean the interior surface of closed head 55 gallon drums, where the insertion opening is smaller than two inches. It cleans these types of drums in 1 to 5 minutes depending on detergent, water volume (gpm) and wash water temperature.

Cleaning efficiency of the DrumBlaster is achieved thanks to four stream jets that operate at a low flow rate and high pressure, providing a high impact wash cycle. The stream nozzles rotate around a turret to provide complete orbital cleaning coverage of the interior surfaces of the drum.

Drums to be cleaned are pivoted onto our stainless steel platform. A valve included with the system is opened and the wash cycle begins. The system works best with 4-6 gpm, hot water (160-185º) and AaquaTools “650” detergent.

  • Two powerful cleaning nozzles configurable to four stream nozzles
  • Large stable platform
  • “Y” screen filter and bleed off valve
  • Oversized case and gears
  • High pressure “T” valve

The oversized case and gears provide a significant advantage over the competition, smoother motion and withstands greater pressure. The gears are made from a revolutionary self lubricating hard plastic which is more durable than brass.

The spray pattern completely covers the inside of the container. Its large stable platform and low profile nozzle facilitate easy loading and removal of a wide variety of containers.


Water Pressure 870-2000 psi
Flow Rate 4-5.5 gpm
Class Rotating jet-head
Power Pressure washer-driven
Water Temp 185°F (max)
Nozzles Two ½” nozzles; configurable to four stream nozzles
Nozzle Rotation 120 rpm (max)
Spray Coverage 6-10’
Inlet Connection Standard ½” NPT
Seals Viton and PTFE
Pre-filter/Mesh 700 Micron stainless steel
Material Stainless steel & anodized anti-corrosive aluminum
Weight 50 lbs.
Hose 3/8” 25’ steel braided high pressure hose
Service 300-400 hours
Warranty One year limited warranty