AaquaBlaster LT

Portable Barrel and Tank Cleaning System

Price: $3,420.00 (with stand)

Price: $3,160 (head only)

AaquaBlaster LT Portable Barrel & Tank Cleaning System

The AaquaBlaster LT is ideal for applications where the insertion opening is smaller than two inches such as wine barrels, tanks, and closed head 55 gallon drums. The cleaning efficiency of the AaquaBlaster LT is achieved thanks to four stream jets that operate at a low flow rate, but high pressure, providing a high impact wash. The stream nozzles rotate around a turret to provide complete orbital cleaning coverage of all interior surfaces of the barrels and tanks.

The AaquaBlaster LT is driven by a hot or cold, high pressure washer capable of producing 4 gpm or higher of flow. The higher the flow, the faster the rotation of the nozzles, producing a more rapid cleaning cycle. High pressure in-line Y filters are recommended (and available) to prevent particulates from interrupting the internal gears.

Cleaning Area (4 nozzle)Up To 6′
Cleaning Area (2 nozzle)Up To 10″
Cleaning Cycle30 sec and longer
Pressure (adjustable)100-2000 psi
Permissible Pressure2300 psi
Flow Rate4-5.5 gpm
TemperatureUp to 185°F
Insertion Opening2” max
Nozzles (barrel washing)4 × 1/8” NPT
Nozzles (tank washing)2 x 1/8″ NPT
Inlet Connection1/2” NPT
MaterialStainless Steel
  • Barrel Washing
  • Tank Washing
  • Tote/IBC Cleaning
  • Storage Tank Washing
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning