Ultimate Sump Pump VacuumNilfisk Attix 19AE Flood Sucker Sump Pump Vacuum

Known as the “ultimate sump pump vacuum,” the Nilfisk Attix 19AE Flood Sucker collects and discharges almost 1 gallon of water per second. Ideal for flood restoration, abatement contractors, and fire departments, this powerhouse shop vac is packed with high-quality features.

The Attix 19AE Flood Sucker separates solids and liquids, has 3 operating modes, includes a power regulator, and features a solid stainless steel construction. It also comes with a heavy-duty trolley for wheeling it into different locations with ease.

Unlike most flood vacuums, which leave around an inch of water after cleaning, the Nilfisk Attix 19AE leaves a dry surface behind after cleaning up the mess.


  • Separates Liquids and Solids
  • Built for Flooding and Water Damage
  • Impressive Water Removal
  • Three Modes
  • Suction Power Regulator
  • On-board Power Receptacle and Tool Deposit
  • Washable Filter Screen

Take care of commercial flooding and water damage issues with the Nilfisk Attix 19AE Flood Sucker.

What Customers Love

Top Quality Features at Affordable Price:
Standard features include solid and liquid separation, an onboard power outlet, and adjustable suction control, which make it a great choice for both flood restoration and contract work.

Powerful Pump:
The sump pump expels water through a 25-foot up to 30 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally.

Power  1,000W @ 60 Hz
Voltage 120V
Airflow 140 cfm (max)
Water Lift 105 inches (max)
Noise Level 57 dB (max)
Container Capacity 19 gallons
Dimensions 24″L x 23″W x 38″H
Weight 97 lbs
    This commercial shop vac is suitable for use in commercial spaces like:

  • hotels
  • school
  • offices
  • hospitals
  • shops
  • factories
  • rental businesses (commonly used to restore and dry rooms impacted by water damage.)