4-in-1 Contractor Hydro Twister®

Hydro Twister ANT4C Flat Surface Cleaner4-in-1 Contractor Hydro Twister®

The Hydro Twister® ANT4C 4-in-1 Contractor Industrial Flat-surface Cleaner  by AaquaTools connects to a pressure washer and uses two nozzles rotating at high RPM within an inch of the ground. It will clean concrete up to ten times faster than a standard wand, with more consistency and less operator fatigue. Simply connect to your power washer and move the Hydro Twister over the surface and watch a clean path appear behind the unit.

The Hydro Twister has the output to tackle big cleaning jobs fast. It combines the features of 4 different accessories all into one system (1. Surface Cleaner, 2. Water Broom, 3. Gum Spot Nozzle, 4. Edge Cleaning Nozzle) that allows you to easily swap between functions in seconds with the quick disconnect fittings. Rear casters lock to clean in a straight line.


Pressure up to 4000 psi
Flow Rate up to 10 gpm
Temperature Cold to 250°F
Nozzle Rotation up to 200 rpm
Material Stainless Steel
Deck 28″
      • Driveways
      • Drive-thrus
      • Patios
      • Garages
      • Concrete sidewalks
      • School yards
      • Factory & warehouse
      • Restroom floors
      • Food processing floors
      • Service stations
      • Concrete parking lots
      • Pool decks
      • Sport courts
      • Roofs & decks
      • Loading docks
      • Tile flooring
      • Marina docks
      • Stadiums
      • Moss & mildew removal
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