Cartblaster Tip-Too Bin Cleaning SystemsAaqualTools CartBlaster Tip-Too container cleaning system facilitates efficient cleaning for trash cans, food and beverage bins, any container designed to be used with an integrated tipping handle. When attached to a compatible high pressure washer, the Tip-Too is designed to clean the interior surface of any open head trash container in 1 to 5 minutes depending on detergent, volume (gpm) and wash water temperature.

The cleaning efficiency is achieved thanks to two or four stream jets where the spray pattern completely covers the inside of the container at a low flow rate but high pressure, thus providing high impact washing. Stream nozzles rotate around a turret to provide complete orbital cleaning coverage of the interior surface.

Cleaning is initiated when the operator pushes the cart into the Tip-Too and rotates the cart into position over the cleaning nozzle. A valve included with the system is opened and the wash cycle begins. The system works best with 4-8 gpm, hot water.

High pressure inline Y filters are recommended and available to prevent particulates from interrupting the internal gears.

Class Rotating jet-head
Power Pressure washer-driven
Temperature Cold or hot up to 185°F (max)
Pressure 870-2000 psi
Spray Coverage 6-10’
Flow Rate 4 gpm or greater
Temperature Up to 185°F
Cleaning Cycle 1 to 5 minutes
Nozzles Two ½” nozzles; configurable to four stream nozzles
Spray Pattern 240°
Nozzle Rotation 120 rpm (max)
Material 316 Stainless steel & anodized anticorrosive aluminum
Inlet Connection Standard ½” NPT
Dimensions 32”W x 55”L x 39”H
Weight 50 lbs
    • Tote/IBC Cleaning