TipToo Container Cleaning System

AaquaTools TipToo Container Cleaning System

Price: $6,280.00

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AaquaTools “Tip Too” Cart Cleaning System. Allows for easy insertion of carts into tipper for fast and thorough cart cleaning. Utilizes AaquaTools CartBlaster II cleaning head. System attaches to hot high pressure washer that produces 4gpm or higher and cleans at 160° to 180°. Wash cycles is 1:00 or longer depending on volume (gpm) and water temperature produced by driver(pressure washer). Ideal gpm is 6-8gpm. Included in system is 25’ hose, high pressure ball valve and “T” and quick connects. Pressure washer’s existing gun and hose is attached to “T” for exterior cart cleaning.

Weight 186 lbs