AaquaBlaster LT Semi-Automatic

Semi-Automatic (Part # EV1501CA)

AaquaTools Semi-Automatic Stationary Barrel Washer Manufactured For AaquaTools By Ekinsa – Features (2) AaquaBlaster LT Cleaning Heads and Nilfisk/KEW Duo 11 gpm High Pressure Pump. Available options include Lees collection, Steam injection and Ethernet connection.

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Our Double Semi-Automatic Wine Barrel Washer is fitted with two high pressure AaquaBlaster LT cleaning heads which supply jets of cold or hot water to cover all points inside two barrels simultaneously, performing optimum cleaning.

With easy introduction of the barrels on a standard 2 barrel pallet, this equipment is designed for
wineries that do not want to move the barrels off their supports, saving time and effort.

Combined cycle multiple functions:

• Washing with cold water and hot water.
• Washing of high and low pressure.
• Steaming of the barrels.
• Collection and channeling of tartrates and lees.