AaquaBlaster LT/Stand – (call for pricing)

The AaquaBlaster LT w/Stand is a high-pressure, low flow barrel cleaning tool for oak barrels when configured with 4 nozzle turret. Ideal when driven with KEW / Nilfisk Poseidon 5.5 gpm cold water high pressure washer or AaquaTools HotCart portable electric hot water generator/high pressure washer. Will work with 4 gpm or greater flow.

The AaquaBlaster LT is the most utilized and advanced barrel and small tank cleaning tool available today. Fast and reliable, the LT rotates quickly while maintaining pressure integrity and cleaning effectiveness. It is available in a 4 nozzle configuration for cleaning oak barrels and also in a 2 nozzle configuration for metal or plastic containers. The LT comes with a 4-legged stand designed to work with traditional barrel pallets with insertion under the barrel and the opening/bung in the 6:00 position.

Optimum flow is 5.5gpm but the LT will function on 4gpm or greater with a maximum inlet temperature of 185°.

Weight 15 lbs




AaquaBlasterLT Manual 2020