The Cube

Compact Tankless Hot Water Generator/High Pressure Washer

Price: $11,395.52

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AaquaTools “Cube”: Indoors, outdoors you name it—hot water anywhere! Just provide the water and we’ll heat it up to 185°F with flows up to 13 gallons per minute. With our pressure washer option, you can enjoy hot water and high pressure up to 2750 psi with flows up to 5.5 gpm.

The Cube was developed by AaquaTools to replace traditional hot high pressure washers that rely upon water heated through a coil that in turn makes the wash water non-potable and leaving particulates in the wash fluid. Because the Cube uses on-board tankless water heaters to generate hot water, the finished product is exactly the same as the source water, only heated. The Cube’s digital touch pad allows the operator to set a precise temperature, +/- only 1 or 2 degrees. The tankless water heaters are fired by clean burning, high quality propane or natural gas, providing more efficiency, increased reliability and makes it extremely user-friendly. No smelly diesel fumes or burner issues related to diesel, kerosene or less than high quality fuel.

• Two on-demand gas water heaters
• High pressure pump
• Low emissions
• Digital control touch pad
• Quick-Connect compatible
• Unit can be wall-mounted or stationary