Tilt Truck Washer

High Impingement Utility Bin Cleaner

The AaquaTools Tilt Truck Washer is the perfect device to take on the nearly impossible task of cleaning Rubbermaid and Uline Tilt Trucks and Poly Boxes quickly and efficiently.

The Tilt Truck Washer utilizes the same cleaning technology used in some of our other successful AaquaTools devices. We incorporate two high impingement cleaning nozzles attached to a platform that rotate around a turret to provide complete orbital cleaning coverage of the interior surface of the cart.


Simple and effective operation.

Carts are first rolled onto forks located on the device. These lift the containers into cleaning position. Once in position a low flow (minimum 8 gpm) high pressure washer delivers water (at 1500 psi) to the cleaning heads. These in turn deliver a precise 360 degree rotation of cleaning spray.

A cleaning cycle can be completed in as little as 30 seconds, on up to 3 minutes, depending on the material to be cleaned and the temperature of the water. When the cycle is complete, the cart is lowered then rolled off the forks.

• Simple Design
• Easy to use
• Very sturdy construction
• Easy set-up. All hydraulics and controls are included and are already assembled.

Proper sanitation protocols are critical in hospital applications. In these cases, the use of hot water (180°-185°) may be preferred. In a heavily soiled trash cart, higher flow (gpm) and 160°F might be desirable to accelerate the cleaning process.